Calling on all Preachers within Savannah Presbytery!

January 10, 2019

Would you like an opportunity to preach in another church within our presbytery? This is a chance to “recycle” one of your best sermons. Would you like your congregation to have a chance to hear a fresh voice from a presbytery colleague? Such an opportunity could help strengthen our Presbyterian connections. We have both appreciated opportunities to participate in our annual pulpit exchange and encourage you to join us this year as we mix things up within the presbytery. This year, we are assuming the responsibilities for arranging this event. We thank Eric Beene for organizing the swap for quite a few years. It’s taking two of us to fill his shoes!

The Presbytery’s Pulpit Swap is held on Sunday, February 17, the weekend of the February Presbytery meeting and the Faith Enrichment Conference. If you would like to participate in this swap, please let Pete Ullman know by Monday, January 28th. Please also let him know your top choices for placement (if you have one) as well as any churches you would rather not visit. You can contact Pete by email at or through his cell phone at 931-248-5240.

When we know those participating this year, we will make a list, check it twice, and post assignments by February 1. It is then up to you to contact the church to which you are assigned in order to supply them with what they need for the bulletin for Sunday, February 17.

If there are questions, let us know. We look forward to your participation in this tradition as we strengthen our Presbyterian connections. 

In Christian Service,

Jeff Garrison                                                                      Pete Ullmann

Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church                      Jesup Presbyterian Church

(912) 598-9605                                                                  (931) 248-5240                                                       



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