School of the Laity, October 5-6, 2019

Savannah Presbytery’s J. Richard Bass School of the Laity presents:

The Tree of Life: An introduction to the Wisdom Literature of Ancient Israel

The Instructor for this class will be Dr. Christine Roy Yoder, J. McDowell Richards Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Columbia Seminary, Keynoter for the 2018 FEC Conference.

Everyone is invited to register for this elective class to be held on October 5-6, 2019. For further information and registration form please access the links below:

The Tree of Life: An Introduction to the Wisdom Literature of Ancient Israel

2019SOL Christine Yoder.information

October 2019 registration form

An Important Message From Your Board of Pensions

We have recently opened registration for our Growing Into Tomorrow…Today retirement planning seminar and our Getting in Shape Fiscally seminar at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA on October 15-16 and October 17. Members in your presbytery within 4-hour driving distance will have already received email invitations to register for one or both of these seminars.

Please feel free to share information of the seminars with your members and join us in promoting the importance of holistic retirement planning and financial health.

Devin Johns
Program Administrator
PC USA Board of Pensions
For information:

GISF – Decatur ; GITT – Decatur


Savannah Presbytery News

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and grace to the congregations and members of Savannah Presbytery! 

The Presbytery Council recently met and will meet again on Thursday, August 1.  Please continue to pray for us.

Note that the Presbytery office will be closed June 27 through July 8.

The Work of the Council

  • Rev. Deanie Strength (Moderator-Elect) will assume the duties of Council Moderator until the Winter Stated Meeting when she will begin her term as Presbytery Moderator.  At that time, the Nominating Committee will present nominees to the Presbytery for a new Moderator-Elect and Council Moderator.  Rev. Ozeas Silva will continue to serve on the Council as past moderator.
  • The Council is being guided by the Savannah Presbytery Operations Manual (See
  • Any manual changes recommended by Council shall be presented at the October 2019 Stated Meeting of the Presbytery.

Have a Stated Clerk Question?

  • Committee on Ministry Chair, Rev. Andy Meeker, is available to help with matters traditionally handled by the Presbytery’s Stated Clerk.

Presbytery Office Operations

  • Office hours are:
    • Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am – Noon; 2-4:30 pm
    • Fridays 9:30 am to Noon
  • The Presbytery office will be closed June 27 to July 8, 2019 while our Business Administrator, Liz Richardson, is on vacation.
  • If you need assistance, please contact Rev. Deanie Strength (Council Moderator), Rev. Andy Meeker (Presbytery Moderator), or another Council member.
  • When you plan to visit the Presbytery office, please arrange your time with Liz.  She is often engaged in data entry which requires timed sessions on the computer.

Financial Operation of the Presbytery

  • As the Presbytery’s Business Administrator, Liz is carrying out all of the financial applications and business matters of the Presbytery.  We have relied on her expertise now for over 12 years and we appreciate her flexibility in this time of transition.
  • Liz is receiving support from the Stewardship & Finance Committee (which recently completed an internal audit).
  • Signing checks for the Presbytery are: Doug Alexander, Frederica (Stewardship & Finance Committee); Jay Martin, Frederica (Church Treasurer); and Bob Harper, St. Simons (Church Treasurer).
  • This temporary structure will remain in place until a Transitional GP/SC is in place.  At that time, the Personnel Committee will seek a Treasurer from the Presbytery congregations in Glynn County using the job description developed by the Transition Team.  (See )

Work of the Transition Team

  • The job description for a Transitional General Presbyter/Stated Clerk has been posted on the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection website. (See )
  • The team is being contacted by interested persons and will meet at the end of July to begin its considerations.
  • The Transitional GP/SC will be hired from outside of the Presbytery for a term of 1 year with the option to extend.    This person will work out of the Presbytery office coordinating with the Transition Team, Council and Personnel Committee to discern the way forward for Savannah Presbytery.
  • Listening sessions in the districts will be conducted by consultant David York when the Transitional GP/SC is hired.

 New Staff Support for the Presbytery’s Education Programs

  • Marty Susie will serve as program support staff person to the directors of the School of the Laity, the Faith Enrichment Conference, and Summer Camp for a trial period of four months.  Marty is the Christian Educator at Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church and is also a long-serving member of the Education & Training Committee, a graduate of the School of the Laity, a former Summer Camp director, and a participant in many of the Leadership Development Conferences (now called “Faith Enrichment”).  She is leading the Presbytery’s group to the Youth Triennium this summer.
  • After a recommendation from the Education & Training Committee and with approval by the Council, Marty will be paid a monthly stipend to oversee event publicity, registration and other details.  At the conclusion of the trial period, the position will be evaluated.  We are excited that the programs we value so much will receive her attention.
  • The following directors will continue to develop the programs and speakers for our educational events:

 School of the Laity                                        Rev. Jamil el-Shair, Midway First

 (October 5-6, 2019)

Faith Enrichment Conference 2020      Rev. Jeff Garrison, Skidaway Island

 (February 7-8, 2020)                                         Rev. Chris Noyes, First Brunswick

Summer Camp 2020                                      Program – Nat Scott, St. Simons

(July 20-24, 2020)                   Registration – Marty  Susie, Wilmington Island 

Updates to the Online Presbytery Directories

  • By the end of the summer, the Council hopes that we will have updated directories.  Please assist Liz by sharing the appropriate information when it is requested.


Job Opening

Fort Frederica Presbyterian Church has a job opening for a part-time pastor.  If you are interested, and for more information:

 Fort Frederica PC Job