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Summer Camp 2021

Elementary, Youth, and Family Camps

June 21st-25th, 2021

The Savannah Presbytery Summer Camp program is back for 2021. Sessions are planned with best practice care recommended by the CDC for optimal safety and enjoyment for our campers.  Camp scholarships are available through our Breitenhirt Scholarship Fund. Press the links below for information on camp activities, registration, and camp scholarships.

2021 Summer Camp Brochure 

Breitenhirt Scholarship Flyer

2021 Camp Registration Form 2021

Savannah Presbytery
3590 Darien Hwy., Ste. 8
Brunswick, GA  31525
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Easter Lenten Devotionals

Day 1 Devotion       Day 6 Devotion

Day 2 Devotion      Day 7 Devotion

Day 3 Devotion      Day 8 Devotion

Day 4 Devotion      Day 9 Devotion

Day 5 Devotion      Day 10 Devotion


Day 11 Devotion     Day 17 Devotion

Day 12 Devotion    Day 18 Devotion

Day 13 Devotion    Day 19 Devotion

Day 14 Devotion    Day 20 Devotion

Day 15 Devotion    Day 21 Devotion

Day 16 Devotion    Day 22 Devotion


Day 23 Devotion   Day 29 Devotion

Day 24 Devotion   Day 30 Devotion

Day 25 Devotion   Day 31 Devotion

Day 26 Devotion   Day 32 Devotion

Day 27 Devotion    Day 33 Devotion

Day 28 Devotion    Day 34 Devotion

Day 35 Devotion


Savannah Presbytery
3590 Darien Hwy., Ste. 8
Brunswick, GA  31525
(800) 616-3671

Reverend John Ruehl Appointed by Savannah Mayor to Lead Rise

Reverend John Ruehl has been selected by Savannah Mayor Van R. Johnson to organize and head the Rise Coalition.  Click on the link below to read about this important ecumenical program that is helping our schools regroup and serve the community during this challenging time.

Savannah students on the RISE

Greater Atlanta Church Guidelines for Re-opening

June 2, 2020

To the Clergy and Clerks of Sessions of Savannah Presbytery,  

“God is our refuge and strength,” proclaims the Psalmist.  We draw on this promise especially in times of turmoil and change. Though we have not been able to gather in our churches for the past three months, we know that God has not abandoned us. God has been guiding us during this sabbatical period.

As you know, there is a lot of discussion about opening our country and resuming normal activities such as worship within our sanctuaries. With differing opinions on how and when we resume our community life, we must keep in mind the vulnerable populations within our congregations. While it remains up to each Session to determine when its congregation resumes in-person worship, we strongly recommend for your consideration the three-phase guidelines from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta for reopening their churches.

In Christian Service,

The Savannah Presbytery Council


Click the Link Below for Re-opening Guidance:

Greater Atlanta Re-opening Guidance