Meet The Presbytery Staff

INTERIM GENERAL PRESBYTER – TE Alan Baroody (as of 11/01/2019)

ACTING STATED CLERK – TE Eric Beene                                                               


Liz Richardson


Liz is responsible for the Presbytery’s office management and financial business.  She receives and disperses all monies for the presbytery, maintains all records and documentation of transactions, maintains all financial accounts and computer programs; purchasing and billing; payroll and taxes; maintains all human resource records and staff employee benefits. She also assists the Presbytery with providing reports to staff and committees and acts as communications manager. Liz is married to Dave, and has two grown sons, and four grandchildren.  Although a California native, she’s lived all over the country (thanks to the military and corporate America), but is happy to now call Glynn County home.

Rev. Mary Beene

Mary is responsible for administration of the MK Pentecost fund, and coordinating and facilitating annual grant reviews and disbursement of grant monies. She also assists the MK Pentecost Committee.

The Savannah Presbytery Council

Rev. Andy Meeker (Wilmington Island)               Moderator of Presbytery***, pro tem                                                                                                                                    (912) 658-2496;      Chair, Committee on Ministry

Rev. Deanie Strength (Skidaway Island)              Moderator of Council            (912) 223-2271;                        Moderator-Elect of Presbytery *** Transition Team, Education & Training Committee

Rev. Rick Douylliez (St. Marys)                                Chair, Personnel Committee (912) 674-0142;

Rev. Jamil el-Shair (Midway)                                     Chair, Nominating Committee (404) 839-5967;                       Director, School of the Laity

Rev. Jeff Garrison (Skidaway Island)                      Chair, Committee on Preparation for Ministry                                                                                              (269) 804-9793                                                              Education & Training and MK Pentecost Committees                                                                                                  2020 Faith Enrichment Conference Director

Elder Paul Scott (Jesup)                                               Chair, Stewardship and Finance Committee                                                                                                         912-202-6261;

Rev. Will Shelburne (First, Savannah)                    Chair, Committee on Education & Training                                                                                                             (843) 259-1098;                  Chair, Transition Team

Rev. Ozeas Silva (Iglesia Latina)                              Past Moderator***                      (770) 899-9095;                    At Large


Elder Jean Vernon (First, Brunswick)                    At Large, Stewardship & Finance Committee                                                                                                         912-264-5763;                Member, Transition Team

Elder Charlotte Goff (Allenhurst)                            Moderator of Presbyterian Women                                                                                                                     (912)312-1014;             (ex-officio Council member)

 ***The Past Moderator, Moderator, and Moderator-Elect are also members of the Trustees, the Finance and Stewardship Committee, and the Personnel Committee.