Finance & Stewardship Committee

This committee shall prepare and oversee the annual budget, consistent with the mission goals and objectives set by Presbytery, for adoption by Presbytery Council and the Presbytery. Ensure a financial review of all accounts annually and make recommendations as to the employment of outside auditors, if any. This includes all Book of Order requirements. Advise the Council on all matters relating to the financial operation of the Presbytery and provide for adequate financial reports to the Presbytery at each Stated Meeting. Provide information to Council and the churches regarding funding needed to support the ministry and mission of presbytery. Review and authorize any expenditures by the ministry teams and committees not included in budgeted amounts. Manage the presbytery’s insurance policies and conduct ongoing reviews of insurance and liability issues. Along with the General Presbyter, oversee administration of the buildings, equipment, property and offices of the Presbytery

Jean Vernon, First Brunswick
Johnye Gillans, Butler Memorial

Mike Kennedy, First Statesboro
Paul Scott, Jesup, Chair

Lewis Stubblefield, First Douglas

Advisory Member: Russell Gladding, General Presbyter, Treasurer