Continuing Education: Preaching

Continuing Education Course in the School of the Laity (Required for CRE)
: As Needed
Class Description: This class will focus on identifying gifts, exploring different styles of preaching, learning to approach Biblical texts with a creative and critical eye and how to move from the text to sermon. Participants will preach a 6-8 minute sermon which is to be prepared before class. Each participant should be prepared to listen attentively to their classmates preaching and provide feedback.

Objectives: In this course we will:

  • explore your gifts for preaching and seek to understand your voice as a preacher
  • experience the joy of preaching
  • explore how to read and preach the Word with passion, faithfulness and authenticity
  • work towards preparing sermons that have biblical, theological, and contextual integrity
  • identify and explore issues that will help you grow as preachers

Required Reading (before March 12):

Barbara Brown Taylor, The Preaching Life **Read all of Part 1: The Life of Faith and read any two (2) sermons from Part 2: The Preaching of the Word

Thomas H. Troeger and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, A Sermon Workbook

Required Pre-Class Assignment (before March 12): Write a 6-8 minute sermon on Luke 15:11-32 Please do not use any commentaries as you prepare.

Bio: Reverend Will Shelburne is the Associate Pastor at First Savannah. He is married to Sara and they have three children, William, Sam and Hannah. He serves as the chair of the Education & Training Team and has helped coordinate the Leadership Development Conferences for the last three years.