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Savannah Presbytery Partners with Thornwell (May 4, 2015)

Thornwell’s mission is to be a joyful Christian Community offering hope and wholeness to children and families.

Thornwell Home for Children is all about helping children and youth—caring for them, nurturing them, helping prepare them to become the faithful individuals God created them to be.

Founded in 1875, today Thornwell is a vital ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA), children and families throughout the three-state region of the Synod of the South Atlantic—South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Each year, Thornwell’s referral network receives more than 300 calls from families in crisis; and, each year, more than 100 children find their way to our home. Most come to us battered and broken, frightened, full of sadness and despair. We offer them a safe haven; a warm, loving, family-style community in which to grow and thrive.

Thornwell is governed by a Board of Trustees who represent our service area of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. All of our services, programs, and ministries are made possible by the grace of God, churches and their congregants, and other generous individuals and organizations.

Sherry Bozardt,

Sherry Bozardt, Development, Thornwell Home for Children

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  1. Hi, Can you please tell me more about your programs in GA and FL? Are they boarding/residential programs like the one in SC? I am finding much about the branch in SC but not a lot about the other programs/facilities. Thanks, Judy Schultz

    • Judy,
      Children from GA and FL may be placed by families at Thornwell in Clinton, SC. And…We have Building Families programs growing in Georgia and Florida. This is a community-based, intensive in-home program designed to address the needs of families. The Program provides services that build upon the existing strengths of families in order to reduce the stressors interfering with healthy family functioning.
      I’d love to tell you more! Feel free to contact me! 770.377.1012

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