Dear Friends,

I know many of you are like me and are a little overwhelmed right now, BUT I NEED YOU TO RSVP TO ME BY TOMORROW AS TO YOUR AND YOUR RULING ELDER(S) ATTENDING MONDAY’S CONVERSATION ON THE FUTURE OF SAVANNAH PRESBYTERY!!! Chairs of Teams please ask your members to respond and come. Clerks come if you can and invite other session members, please RSVP. Church Administrators remind your minister(s)

We need to have a count for the restaurant. Plus we have invited two members of the Presbyterian Foundation to help us look at finances in our future. Right now I only have 17 names on the list. I am aware of the busyness of everyone and I am sure Monday is not a great day to do this, but you are needed for this one time event.

I thank you in advance for your responding.


Grace and Peace,


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