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Spring Stated Meeting Date: May 19, 2015 Time: 9 am Registration/10 am Meeting Begins Place: White Bluff PC, Savannah, Georgia The handbook will be available at Events -> Stated & Called Meetings in early May. The minutes from the February Meeting are available … Continue reading

Stated Meeting Handbook

The handbook will be posted late on Wednesday, Feb 6th. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Stated Meeting Handbook is Posted!

October 2012 Stated Meeting Handbook

Stated Meeting Report of the Transitional General Presbyter

I have made it my goal to be personally in every congregation during 2012.  I am available to preach, to come to a session meeting, or I may just show up for worship on a Sunday morning.  It is my conviction, and that of many of our leaders in Savannah Presbytery, that there is some rebuilding needed in the relationships of our connectional church.  This is not simply a matter of some transitions we have been undergoing for the last five or six years.  Indeed, I believe The Church is undergoing this rebuilding.  Our PCUSA new Form Of Government is a start to being more relational and open to how we can help each other in our ministries and in the mission given to us by Jesus, the Head of The Church.

We believe that our task as a presbytery staff is to be a servant to your church – to be able to engage and encourage and equip our congregations in their ministries that are ongoing  and those that are yet to be developed in our forty-two locations.  This means we need to be partners in Christ’s service.  An important first step to building and renewing relationships is to be in communication with each other.

To that end we have started a Facebook group for Savannah Presbytery where we can talk via the internet, we have a new website, and we want to use email as our main communication to the pastors, clerks, church administrators. These tools allow us to communicate quickly and cost-effectively with you. We are aware that for some churches these tools are not sufficient. In order to make sure we are meeting the needs of all our churches we will continue to communicate via the postal service and telephone as needed. If you prefer communication via mail/telephone, please make sure the office is notified.

Another important link of our communication are our commissioners to our Stated Meetings.  We need those of you who serve as commissioners to go back and inform your congregations about what is going on in Savannah Presbytery and how it relates to your congregation.  Pastors, we need you to work with your commissioners so that this does not become just a report to the session but the word gets out to the congregation.

This is not a final solution or an easy answer to complex relationships.  A very wise person told me one time it is much easier to separate than to remain in a relationship.  The Church, including the PCUSA is being tested in many ways.  There are those who want to separate into “like-minded groups.”  In my opinion this is not an answer for Christ’s Church.  We are all called in many different ways and from many different circumstances to be His disciples, as were the original twelve.  We will have our differences for sure, but I believe our challenge is not to separate, but rather to be able to disagree, passionately if need be, but to remain together through the Love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Surely there is enough we need to be about doing together in bringing the Great Ends of the Church to fruition.  Remember what they are, and in particular remember the first and the last.  Our task as disciples begins with the Proclamation of the Gospel… and finds fruition in our Exhibition of the Kingdom of God…  Let us find our way TOGETHER in being about His service!

Ruling Elder Russell Gladding