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Saints Alive! Living Generously

The denominational stewardship theme this year is “Saints Alive! Living Generously”, based upon the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to the church of Corinth (1 Corinthians 16:1-4 NRSV).

We all desire to be generous to God and to the ministry to which we have been called by Christ Jesus our Lord. The member churches of Savannah Presbytery have given generously to our shared ministry in 2011, in spite of the many challenges we have faced. The Finance and Stewardship sub-committee thanks you on behalf of the council and the presbytery as well.

As we close out this year we wish to encourage you even further to please do your best in fulfilling your 2011 pledge to the unified budget. This year we have worked to significantly reduce the budget and streamline our operations while preserving the very best in leadership and the shared ministries that continue to promote our growth, fellowship, and vision. We regard our budgetary work and the corollary work of staff and ministry teams as being not merely transitional but also transformational – God is at work bringing new life, and new possibilities for ministry together. As this transformation continues, we need the support of our member churches like never before.

In the weeks ahead you will be contacted by a representative of the Finance and Stewardship sub-committee for the purpose of reaffirming our relationship as presbyters in our financial support for the work that we do together in the spirit of Christ. To assist in this regard please fill out the form below and return it to the presbytery office by mail, fax, email, or telephone message. This will help us to know who the best person to contact is at your church in regards to these stewardship matters.

Enclosed is a form for your consideration for your 2012 pledge to the unified budget. Please pray and meditate as individuals and as a leadership group so as to discern your giving commitment for the year ahead. We trust that you will seek that discernment, and indeed, shall be led in a righteous path.

We thank you, and may we all experience the joy and love as “Saints Alive! Living Generously.”