The mission of Savannah Presbytery is to engage, encourage, and resource congregations and members of the presbytery as together we serve Jesus Christ, so that we strengthen the church, equip the saints for ministry and reach beyond ourselves.


Our vision is for each congregation and member of the presbytery to be vital in ministry, supported in meeting existing and emerging needs, and connected in Christ-like ways for shared mission, all to the glory of God.


The Presbytery pursues Six Great Ends with the whole Presbyterian Church (USA):

  • the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind.
  • the shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God,
  • the maintenance of divine worship,
  • the preservation of the truth,
  • the promotion of social righteousness,
  • and the exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.
Your Presbytery:
  • Nurtures and supports churches and ministers through frequent personal contact, particularly during times of special need;
  • Initiates and encourages communication with and among congregations;
  • Provides training opportunities and resources for Christian Education and Youth;
  • Provides opportunities for spiritual growth;
  • Provides opportunities for Christian service;
  • Enables broad participation in the life and work of the Presbytery insuring inclusive representation;
  • Provides lay leadership training;
  • Develops plans for New Church Development and Congregational Revitalization;
  • Promotes faithful stewardship;
  • Is accountable for sound financial management.

Savannah Presbytery functions through its stated and special meetings, its Council, its officers, its staff and its committees and agencies which propose programs to the Presbytery and executes those approved by the Presbytery.

Your Church and Savannah Presbytery need YOU!!! Serve the Lord by sharing your time, talents and treasures.