Our Committees

Committee on Ministry (COM)

The committee shall have the authority to find in order calls issued by churches, to approve and present calls (BO: G-14.0507), to approve the examination of ministers transferring from other presbyteries required by BO: G-11.0402, to dissolve the pastoral relationship in cases where the congregation and pastor concur (BO: G-14.0603) and to dismiss ministers to other presbyteries, with the provision that all such actions be reported to the next stated meeting of Presbytery

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)

This committee shall be responsible for inquirers and candidates for the Office of Minister of the Word and Sacrament, functioning according to rules set forth in BO: G-14.0300-.0314

Committee on Representation

Representation shall ensure appropriate representation on the committees of Savannah Presbytery.

Education & Training Ministry Team

The committee shall have responsibility for Presbytery work in the following areas: Training of teachers, advisors and administrators; Curriculum assistance, including promotion of the Presbyterian and Reformed Educational Ministry; Children’s Ministry; Youth Ministry; Adult Ministry; Family Ministry; Camps, Conferences, and Retreats; Music and Worship; Consultation with Christian Education leaders in local churches; Resource Center

Stewardship & Finance Committee

This committee shall prepare and oversee the annual budget, consistent with the mission goals and objectives set by Presbytery, for adoption by Presbytery Council and the Presbytery. Ensure a financial review of all accounts annually and make recommendations as to the employment of outside auditors, if any. This includes all Book of Order requirements. Advise the Council on all matters relating to the financial operation of the Presbytery and provide for adequate financial reports to the Presbytery at each Stated Meeting. Provide information to Council and the churches regarding funding needed to support the ministry and mission of presbytery. Review and authorize any expenditures by the ministry teams and committees not included in budgeted amounts. Manage the presbytery’s insurance policies and conduct ongoing reviews of insurance and liability issues. Along with the General Presbyter, oversee administration of the buildings, equipment, property and offices of the Presbytery



M. K. Pentecost Ecology Fund Committee

The mission of the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund Committee of Savannah Presbytery is to promote and support ecological stewardship of natural resources.

The committee shall have responsibility for Presbytery work in the following areas: Overseeing and administering of the MK Pentecost Memorial Fund; Evaluating and approving or disapproving of requests for grants from revenue produced by the MK Pentecost Memorial Fund; Reporting to Savannah Presbytery on the disposition of funds produced by the MK Pentecost Memorial Fund at least on an annual basis.

Hermina Glass-Hill, M. K. Pentecost Ecology Fund Coordinator at: hermina@susiekingtaylorinstitute.org

Mission Committee

The committee shall have responsibility for Presbytery work in the following areas: International mission; Evangelism; Program and Planning support for churches; Revitalization of congregations; Ecumenical relations; Interpretation of various International Mission causes of the Church; Coordination of partnerships for mutual mission through General Assembly of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Proposing projects to Presbytery for joint mission with partner Presbyteries; Campus Ministry

Transition Team

The Savannah Presbytery Transition Team’s mission is to assess current challenges faced by the Savannah Presbytery, identify its core strengths and opportunities, and make recommendations for the future of the Presbytery. 

Presbytery Council

The Council serves as the coordinating body of Presbytery. The Council shall coordinate the mission and program of the Presbytery as planned and conducted by the various teams. It directs, coordinates and promotes the programmatic work of the Presbytery.

Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission shall function according to the rules set forth in the Book of Order Rules of Discipline, Chapters 1-14. The commission shall review proposed Amendments to the Constitution and make recommendations to Presbytery