Continued Education Courses

Continuing Education Course in the School of the Laity
(Required for Certification as a CRE – Commissioned Ruling Elder)

Offered: As Needed

Class Description: This class will focus on identifying gifts, exploring different styles of preaching, learning to approach Biblical texts with a creative and critical eye and how to move from the text to sermon. Participants will preach a 6-8 minute sermon which is to be prepared before class. Each participant should be prepared to listen attentively to their classmates preaching and provide feedback.

Objectives: In this course we will:

  • explore your gifts for preaching and seek to understand your voice as a preacher
  • experience the joy of preaching
  • explore how to read and preach the Word with passion, faithfulness and authenticity
  • work towards preparing sermons that have biblical, theological, and contextual integrity
  • identify and explore issues that will help you grow as preachers