Presbytery Meetings

Spring Stated Meeting Information

Tuesday, May 17th

Savannah Presbytery is made up of all congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA) located within the geographical bounds of Savannah Presbytery except any congregations which are members of non-geographic presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The presbytery meets at least three times per year, usually in October, February, and May.  The location of the meetings of presbytery ordinarily rotate among the different churches.  Covid-19 has required Council to make changes in the times and dates of the meetings over the past year and a half.  Virtual meetings have been held in places which have been best suited for providing for the technology needed to hold the meeting. A quorum for a meeting of the presbytery consists of one-quarter of the minister members of the presbytery plus ruling elder commissioners from one quarter of the member congregations of the presbytery.