Pilgrimage Day Trips

We continue as a presbytery, guided by our Racial Justice Ministry Team, to promote opportunities for church members and friends to unpack presumptions and biases and to journey toward justice. Last year, we provided an opportunity to travel to Montgomery, Alabama where we engaged with local partners to hear their experiences of the Civil Rights Movement, visited both The Legacy Museum and the Peace & Justice Memorial, and worked in small groups to unpack what we were learning and feeling throughout the weekend. Some of you may have heard the testimonies from some participants at our Faith Enrichment Conference this past February.

Now, we are offering three daytrips to learn and unpack the impact of local historical events in each of Savannah Presbytery’s three districts and how they impact our current time. The trips will be led by Nobis Project which coordinated our trip to Montgomery and are open to anyone 13-years-of-age and older. Each trip will be a full day beginning around 8:30 AM and ending after 4:30 PM. To assist those traveling greater distances, Savannah Presbytery Hosts will provide a limited number of overnight accommodations for those in need. Requests for this accommodation can be made during registration. We hope and pray that you will lean into this opportunity with curiosity and with the goal of becoming the beloved community along with us!

We do not want costs to be prohibitive so will therefore offer tiered pricing. The costs listed are the actual costs. When you register, you will have the opportunity to pay that amount, request a partial scholarship or to contribute an additional amount to help someone else participate as well.

Saturday, September 9th: District I – Savannah

  • Meet at First Presbyterian Savannah at 9 AM (520 Washington Ave, 31405)
  • Owens Thomas House & Slave Quarters
  • King-Tisdell Cottage
  • Nobis Big Ideas and Group Reflection activities
  • Includes lunch

Registration Deadline: August 3rd/ Cost $125 per person

Saturday, October 14th: District II – Bulloch County

  • Meet at Willow Hill Heritage & Renaissance Center at 9 AM (4235 Willow Hill Rd, Portal, GA 30450)
  • Red Summer Memorial Walk
  • Nobis Big Ideas and Group Reflection activities
  • Includes lunch

Registration Deadline: September 29th/ Cost $135 per person

Saturday, November 4th: District III – Sapelo Island

  • Pre-trip video, reading assignments and Zoom gathering
  • Meet Sapelo Island Ferry at 8 AM (1766 Landing Road Southeast, Darien, GA 31305)
  • Do not be late – Ferry will NOT WAIT
  • Sapelo Island Tour led by a direct descendant of enslaved Africans brought to island in early 1800s to work the plantation.
  • Basket Weaving Demonstration
  • Discussion with Descendants
  • Nobis Big Ideas and Group Reflection activities
  • Includes catered lunch on island

Registration Deadline: September 27th/Cost $150 per person